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Commercial Scaffolding

As thousands of new homes are built throughout the capital and across the country, many building contractors and other tradespeople are continuously involved in constructing the infrastructure which goes hand-in-hand with these new developments. The occupants of newly built residences need places to work, to shop, to go to school, and so forth. Commercial scaffolding services are essential to these ancillary projects, and across the region, teams from commercial scaffolding specialists Love Scaffolding ltd are supporting local builders and developers with their thoroughly professional services.

The commercial scaffolding solutions we are called upon to provide are on an entirely different scale to the domestic scaffolding erections we frequently supply for residential construction projects. Retail and industrial units are built in very different ways to most homes, and so these scaffolding systems have different requirements in terms of scheduling, structure, and load capacity. As an experienced commercial scaffolding company, we understand that a different approach is required and can anticipate the needs and constraints our clients will face before they arise.

One key difference is the magnitude of the project – many scaffolding engineers who have never worked on a large commercial site underestimate the sheer amount of equipment needed to facilitate the building of a large warehouse or factory to a tight schedule. A scaffold for new build homes can be ‘leap-frogged’ from one house to the next as each is completed. But commercial scaffolding is more like building high-rise apartments; often, access must be maintained to all parts of the structure at once, so it pays to work with an experienced scaffolding company who have the resources to cope.

All aspects of the construction industry including commercial scaffolding, leads the way for the rest of the country. In terms of up-to-date working practices, and in the all-important area of safety, we are always on the ball; all our teams are highly trained, and we have an excellent record to show our approach really does work. Check out our case studies.

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